Ariel Hodge


I enjoy working in several different mediums, like clay, ink, and paint, but the medium that I currently like to work in the most, is mixed media and having my material come from books. Many of my pieces involve books, in one way or another, for example altering books themselves or taking pieces of a book and using it in a new way. I prefer to carve out book pages with an X-Acto knife to create dimensional scenes. I like to use books, because I feel that I am creating a new purpose for a book. Since there are electronic books, like the Nook or Kindle, physical books are getting replaced, so I think there is an element of repurposing in my art by using books that are no longer being used.
Most of my pieces deal with nature and I usually depict something that involves trees. Since I work mostly with books, I feel like I’m giving books a new purpose but, also I keep a reminder to the viewer of what it once was. Sometimes I’ll explore a new theme or concept to keep my ideas fresh. I feel when I try something new, I gain knowledge of what I can use with future art pieces. Learning and experimenting with new art materials and methods are important to me, because I think it helps me grow as an artist and keeps my art evolving into something better.